Matsusaka beef – the secret of Matsugo’s taste

We purchase vintage Matsusaka beef through our own special channel.

1. What is authentic Matsusaka beef? – Listen to an explanation by a great master of meat

What is authentic Matsusaka beef

“We purchase calves from Tajima in Hyogo Prefecture and raise heifers and other beef cattle in a manner that meets various criteria by feeding them with quality fodder from the Matsusaka area for a certain period. I believe the delicacy of Matsusaka beef is the outcome of our strenuous efforts to raise splendid cattle. In other words, it is the feed, atmosphere and our devotion that are the primary factors required to produce great-tasting Matsusaka beef.”
Matsuaka beef cattle are raised through meticulous feed management and affection toward each calf with innate qualities.
What is the secret of the supreme taste of Matsusaka beef which is acclaimed as a “work of art”?

Secrets and characteristics of the luscious Matsusaka beef

“Matsusaka cattle beef features the marbled fatty meat which is much finer and tastes sweeter than those raised elsewhere in Japan. Since the quality of fat decides the meat flavor, Matsusaka beef is characterized by its good-tasting fat. Yes, the savor of fat is the primary characteristics of Matsusaka beef.”

(Tomoyuki Murata, the master of meat cooking)

2. Authentic delicacy of rare cuts and offal

Regarding rare cuts of meat

“We carefully gather meat offcuts which are small in quantity but reputed as delicious, so that we can constantly offer great-tasting meat without running out of stock. Since the rare cuts are also part of Japanese Black Cattle beef whose rank is class 4 or higher, they are definitely appetizing. We meticulously collect such offcuts to offer them along with Matsusaka beef, so that our customers can enjoy the quality beef in its entirety.”
Matsugo’s offal boasts freshness and chewiness. We are especially proud of the marucho (small intestine) which is longer than those served elsewhere and perfectly broiled by our master chef skilled in meat grilling. If you are not fond of offal because it is hard to chew, you will find Matsugo’s offal exceptional. Be sure to try the superior taste which never fails to impress offal lovers.
“I’d like the people of Tachikawa to enjoy the authentic meat taste. It is our hope that they will try our proud supreme beef, because the real stuff is definitely different.”