In Tachikawa, a gourmet city, we maintain our devoted effort to appeal the supremacy of wagyu beef.


We play straight with the authentic value of wagyu beef.
Tachikawa, a city abounding with gourmet destinations, attracts many food connoisseurs.
We can’t think of any other place than our home Tachikawa as a business premise to play straight with the authentic taste of wagyu beef.
To make Matsugo known to gourmets and encourage more people to enjoy the true delicacy of wagyu beef, our restaurant is open seven days a week to disseminate the meat-grilling culture of Tachikawa.
We never compromise and continue satisfying our customers
Before opening the restaurant, we frequently visited Matsuaka in Mie Prefecture, the home of Matsusaka beef, from Tachikawa to negotiate with several producers. Our passion and efforts finally convinced them to sign an agreement to sell the highest-ranking Japanese Black Cattle beef to us.
To help our customers enjoy the unique flavor of respective cuts worry free, we have implemented thoroughgoing safety management for the beef which is bought directly from the farm.